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A New Mindset for Law Firm Owners 

Through courses, coaching, and community, Consilium CFO will help you transform the way you view and manage your firm and your finances.

You worked hard to get through law school, and you put in the time to learn what it takes to be a great attorney. You sacrificed an unsustainable combination of happiness, relationships, and sleep to compete and win in a demanding and competitive field. Then you took a risk and started your own firm because you wanted more freedom, more money, or - most likely - both. But now you don’t seem to have enough of either. You know the business and you see the numbers. The work is getting out and the money is coming in, but it just doesn’t seem like the amount ending up in your hands is as much as it should be.

Does this sound familiar?

Maybe you're not alone.

Maybe it's not about working harder, attending every networking event, hiring the perfect employee, investing in the latest technology, or finding that one secret success hack.

Maybe there is a way to create a rewarding, profitable legal practice that is built around your life instead of the other way around.

Maybe what you need to do is change the way you THINK about your firm and your finances.

Maybe you should meet

Consilium CFO

I'm Bryan Wierson

I’m a CPA who has spent years as a firm owner and Fractional CFO. I have worked with many attorneys during that time,  so I understand what keeps law firm owners up at night. I’ve also seen what it can look like to have a firm that is thoughtfully and comprehensively built to meet the needs of its owner. 
Based on my experience, I created Consilium CFO to help attorneys like you build the firm — and the life — you dreamed of when you took the leap into entrepreneurship.




Developed for law firm owners that want to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule. Choose from a selection of engaging, on-demand courses that will help you see every aspect of your firm from the perspective of a Chief Financial Officer.


1:1 Coaching


Created for firm owners in need of a jump start. Schedule time with Bryan Wierson to work through your current situation, whether you are considering the leap into entrepreneurship, recently started, or need to reset your perspective after years working in your firm.


Co-Counsel Group Coaching

Designed for firm owners looking to grow their firms alongside others on the same path. A monthly group coaching program that includes teaching, office hours, a community of like-minded firm owners, and a growing library of mini courses to help you design and grow your firm.


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