Group Coaching

Join a community of like-minded firm owners working toward the firm - and the life - they imagined when they took the leap into entrepreneurship.


I'm Bryan Wierson


I'm a CPA who has spent the last 5-plus years as a firm owner and Fractional CFO. In that time, I've worked closely with dozens of entrepreneurs. Because I served as their outsourced financial executive, I was involved in just about every major decision they made for their business. More than that, I had a front row seat to the way that their business and their life affected one another.

I found that there were three consistent characteristics in successful and fulfilled entrepreneurs. First, they always took their finances seriously, whether they had $100 or $100,000 in the bank. Second, they had developed a support system of colleagues that shared their experience as business owners and values as individuals. Third, instead of only focusing on growing the organization or making more money,  they were intentional about designing a business that supported who they wanted to be both as professionals and as human beings.

I created Co-Counsel to help law firm owners work towards success and fulfillment by developing these three areas: financial management, community, and intentional business design.



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Here is What is Included in Your Membership

  • Monthly group coaching calls where Bryan Wierson will share lessons on financial strategy, firm management, and entrepreneurship.
  • Office Hours where group members can ask questions and discuss specific issues with Bryan and the other members of the group.
  • Access to the private Co-Counsel Slack¬†community where you will benefit from a community of like-minded firm owners.
  • A growing library of mini courses to support your journey towards the firm - and life - you imagined.¬†