1:1 Coaching

With Bryan Wierson

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I'm Bryan Wierson


I'm a CPA who has spent the last 5-plus years as a firm owner and Fractional CFO. In that time, I've worked closely with dozens of entrepreneurs, including law firm owners. Because I served as their outsourced financial executive, I was involved in just about every major decision they made for their business. More than that, I had a front row seat to the way that their business and their life affected one another.

Each successful entrepreneur I worked with could point to specific instances that were catalysts for positive change. Those "aha! moments" were memorable and meaningful because there was some shift in understanding or perspective that changed the way that the individual viewed themselves and their business.

Based on my experience, I have developed two frameworks designed to guide current and aspiring legal entrepreneurs toward such a moment. In a 45-60 minute video call, we will walk through the applicable framework to give you a jumpstart toward the firm of your dreams.

Financial Strategy Call


Designed for attorneys who want to improve the firm they currently run

  • Based on the Consilium CFO Framework for Firm¬†Improvement
  • Analysis of current financial situation and firm strategy
  • Discussion of firm goal, opportunities, and challenges
  • Development of actionable next steps for firm improvement

Taking the Leap Call


Designed for attorneys who are interested in starting a new law firm

  • Based on the Consilium CFO¬†Framework for Firm Entrepreneurship¬†
  • Planning for revenue, overhead, payroll and taxes
  • Discussion of initial strategy, including goals and potential pitfalls
  • Development of¬†actionable next steps to start on the right foot