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Fractional CFO Services

As your outsourced financial executive and coach, we can help you create a thriving firm that serves your personal values and ambitions.


I'm Bryan Wierson


I'm a CPA who has spent the last 6 years as a firm owner and Fractional CFO. In that time, I've worked closely with dozens of entrepreneurs across a wide range of industries. Because I served as their outsourced financial executive, I was involved in just about every major decision they made for their business. More than that, I had a front row seat to the way that their business and their life affected one another.

Based on my experience, I have created a Fractional Chief Financial Officer service designed specifically for law firm owners. In this ongoing relationship, you will work closely with a CFO who deeply understands the unique challenges and opportunities you face as a law firm owner, as well as the financial, tax, and management strategies that have served others in your exact situation. More than that, you will have an advisor, a coach, and a strategic partner that will walk alongside you as you build a firm that is designed to serve your personal aspirations and values.

Fractional CFO Services


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Here is What is Included in Our Fractional CFO Services

  • Monthly executive calls¬†with¬†your CFO to review financial¬†results and analysis, update cash flow planning,¬† and¬†dive into financial and strategic planning.
  • Bi-weekly check in calls¬†with your CFO to talk about what is happening in your firm and make sure that you are on track to accomplish your goals.
  • Full access to¬†Co-Counsel group coaching, including monthly coaching calls, office hours, access to the group's private Slack channel, and a growing library of mini-courses.
  • Unlimited access to premium courses¬†to help you take your firm to the next level.¬†